NEW! A more affordable and efficient appointment has been added! 


and follow ups:


Many women come to my website via referrals. They recognize that whoever referred them has seen great results with their protocols; therefore, the trust factor is there.  Sometimes affordability and time limits are an inhibiting factor in getting started taking care of ourselves. 

 With these new appointment types, we get it all! Affordability, Efficiency and a protocol that you can self pace! Consultation will be through Q/A and messages in the HIPAA compliant patient portal--No scheduled phone call!


  1. Make an EFFICIENCY PROTOCOL appointment
  2. Set up patient portal
  3. Complete the questionnaire under questionnaires tab in portal THOROUGHLY
  4. Upload any past lab results no older than 1 year to the DOCUMENT FOLDER and SHARE with Provider
  5. Answer any clarifying questions that MAY be in your messages inbox in the patient portal prior to the appointment time (you will receive an email notification)
  6. You will receive your protocol before or by the appointment time set
  7. Once you receive your protocol, Schedule for 1 month later an EFFICIENCY PROGRESS REPORT APPT
  8. Complete the EFFICIENCY Follow Up Questionnaire
  9. Answer any clarifying questions that MAY be in your inbox in the patient portal prior to the appointment time
  10. Adjustments MAY be made to your protocol as need be
  11. A lab order may be necessary and or beneficial prior to your first appointment or in following up
  12. If a lab order is necessary, it will be under LAB tab>orders in your patient portal. 
  13. When the lab results are in, upload in PDF to the DOCUMENT FOLDER (not the lab folder) and SHARE with provider.

Who will the EFFICIENCY APPOINTMENTS benefit?  

  • Living outside the USA or infrequent cell service
  • Current patients that want their family members to have a protocol from Dr. Bella
  • New patients that want affordability
  • New patients that want efficiency!
  • New patients that are referrals and know the drill
  • Patients that fell away from their protocol and want a refresher 
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