The Cleaner Cleanse

The Cleaner Cleanse

Cleaning Your Internal House is simple. 

When we allow our body the time and energy to do some self cleaning, we are less likely to build up toxins in the blood and tissues which weakens our immunity and leaves us susceptible to disease.  

Authentic Preventive Medicine.

When living a preventive lifestyle, one may still catch a cold or even a flu, but the symptoms and duration are usually much milder and shorter.

Consult with your health care provider before doing any kind of diet or cleanse to make sure it is appropriate for your health. 

Preparing for the Cleanse:

NEED: a juicer– I use my old dinosaur Champion juicer and a blender such as a Vitamix or Nutribullet.

Shopping: FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE FOODS: go through the cleanse and purchase fruits, veggies, etc. for the duration of the cleanse. Organic, fresh is the best. Frozen fruit, veggies is another option. No need for perfection. Do the best that you can.

This cleanse, you go into it and come out of it in the reverse order. Very simple YET very effective.

Drink about 120 ounces of spring or filtered (no! fluoride) a day- add a pinch of sea salt to your glass of water each time.

Day 1- Eliminate all the fun stuff- caffeine (organic green tea is okay), alcohol, sugar...

Day 2- No animal foods

DAY 3 – Whole Foods only -cooked and or raw

If you can not identify its original natural form, ie. pasta, bread… do not eat. You can have freshly made juices also. 

Day 4 – Raw Foods

Besides salads and fruits, also raw (soaked) nuts, sprouted peas, beans, seeds; You can have freshly made juices

Day 5 – Green Juice and water 

See recipe below; also green tea, single herbal tea, veggie broth, and spring water; with romaine lettuce and or celery to chew if need be

Day 6 – Water Day (optional or just green juice, or go straight to day- extending day 4 for 3 more (water fasting) days is also an option)

Spring water or good filtered (no fluoride) water, Green tea and single herbal teas, veggie broths are ok. -Drink minimum 1 gallon of liquids- 1/2 being only water, can add a crank of sea salt if low blood pressure and a splash of lemon juice; with romaine lettuce and or celery to chew if need be

Day 7 – Green Juice

As Day 5

Day 8 – Raw Foods or MONO FRUIT

As Day 4 – If having extended juicing or water days, Do a MONO FRUIT DAY before a raw food day- details below.

Day 9 – Whole foods

As in Day 3- continue with a mix of the Cleanse as long as you desire.

Day 10- Continue a Cleansing Diet:

Juice for breakfast (little fruit mostly veggies forType Os-can eat sprouted beans, seeds and nuts with the juice); Raw lunch and Whole food dinner: fish, salad and a steamed veggie. Ezekiel bread can be a whole food as it is completed sprouted.

You can stay on any day as long as you desire:

3 days of raw foods

or 3 days of juicing days

OR 3 days of water only days

Do not complicate the cleanse, no stress, keep it as simple the first time as need be. Any deviation from your normal diet to anything listed here will work as a mild cleanse. MOST OF ALL – ENJOY AND REST! 

Stop all natural meds except natural hormones. Stay on your cycle with it. Also continue iodine if prescribed for you.

Ideally, start on a Wednesday or Thursday, that way the juice/water days are over a weekend.  I will start when I know the sun will be out and WARM for those days. SLEEP, get magazines as reading can be challenging or watch a series (the less digital stuff the better though).

Green Juice Recipe: 

  • Cabbage (green) – 6 oz, Cucumber – 5 oz, Kale – 3oz, Celery – 3 oz, parsley – 2 oz, and mint – 1/2 oz;  1 lemon (juice the whole lemon). Dilute with 1/2  spring water. This will provide roughly 5- 8 oz. glasses of juice. Pour into jam jars/or any glass with lids and refrigerate or put in cooler for travel. NOTHING is set in stone- change the ingredients to suit your taste/needs. An Apple or pineapple pieces would sweeten it up if you so desire.

 Drink a glass 5 times a day.

  • If you have never done a cleanse, consider having this juice just for breakfast for a few days to a week.   Later, replacing breakfast and dinner with the juice is a good next step for a day or a few days.
  • Eventually trying a whole day just on the green juice– with romaine lettuce and or celery to chew if need be.  Then you will be ready to take the next steps below.
  1. Drink several glasses of water between each GREEN JUICE. Add a squeeze of lemon.
  2. Sleep, rest, relax.
  3. Mild walks are ok.
  4. Sun bathing two times a day for 20 min. 
  5. Rebound 10-15 min a day morning and around 4 pm- hold on to something- do only on whole foods and raw days.   
  6. Therapeutic Baths- (on your protocol plan): on whole foods and raw foods days only-( not on juice and water days as blood pressure usually drops). Have assistance getting in and out of tub. 

If you are doing extended juice/water days: break your juice/water fast with: a MONO FRUIT DAY then go into the raw, etc. days. 

MONO FRUIT DAY: Break your fast -water and juicing extended days beyond 1 day- with  a mono fruit such as water melon/pear/grapes/berries OR Juice whole(even the rind) organic watermelon for breakfast. When having a mono meal of fruit, eat romaine or celery with the meal. If juicing the fruit, eat romaine or celery with it as well.

RAW FOOD DAY: start with fruit for breakfast;  then RAW Foods for Lunch/Dinner:

KEEP IT SIMPLE SALADS: Four to five color salads: Romaine lettuce, avocado, celery, cucumber, beets, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, snap peas, soaked/sprouted nuts and seeds…(eat foods according to your Eat Right For Your BLOOD Type)

Have a juice at least one time a day after your cleanse. Build your green juice other veggies: carrot, beet, yellow/zuch squash, sweet potatoes (with peel), greens, herbs, etc. according to your blood type.

Keep breakfast simple. Fruit only or with sprouted grains, nuts, seeds. Also just the Green Drink for breakfast a great option. Or a berry kefir: whole organic yogurt blended with fresh berries and raw honey- after cleanse you can add your superfoods to this: chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, flax oil, etc. All according to your blood type foods.

Eat raw for as long as desired.

When you want, add soaked, sprouted, (cooked or not) buckwheat, quinoa, millet or spelt to your meals. Or Soaked, sprouted (cooked or not) Lentils and beans.

Continue with live, raw, whole food cuisine. Begin adding cooked food as you like, Ideally equaling no greater than 50% of your diet: root veggies, winter squash, soups, fermented foods, eggs, yogurt, fish, meats.

Continue to go lightly on sugar, dairy, coffee, alcohol, breads, meats. Never letting the total of these equal greater than 25% of a day. Have 2 days a week without these for greater health and vitality. 


A Little POWer for the Week

Once a week, a pearl of wisdom (pow) in the form of a video and or blog will be sent directly to you which will motivate, inspire and inform you on ways to optimize your health. These are gentle reminders of why, how, and what to do to restore, rejuvenate and replenish your health and vitality!