Spring! Into step!

Today I want to share about rebounding.  

This form of fun was more popular back in someone’s days.  I have found this gizmo to be quite useful.  When I was in medical school sitting on my tush for hours studying and in Washington where it was raining 24/7, I would use my rebounder to get my blood pumping!  Rebounding uses EVERY muscle in the body!  And it is a lymphatic pump!  NASA uses the rebounder for training the astronauts.  You can’t use just any ole rebounder you find at a garage sale or a sports store.  There is quite a difference in your upper line and your lower line.  This is when  you should splurge if you think this is something you would like to try.  I did the research, of course, because I also use it in my practice for detoxing patients.  Basically, a cheap one causes your feet to turn in together, bouncing as one.  Where one of better quality, lets your feet bounce individually.  The other one causes stress on your joints; therefore, negating any good that you are trying to achieve.  Why am I recommending rebounding?  Well I know how sluggish you feel when you wake up.  Pop in your earbuds because maybe your partner is still curled up in bed, or you don’t want to wake the children because your ‘me time’ will come to an end.  So crank some fun tunes and start bouncing.  Slowly at first to snap you out of your dream state, then let it rip!  Bouncing any way you choose.  If balance is an issue, then make sure you have a wall for support or a support bar attachment.  Oh, and go potty first and this will strengthen your pelvic floor which means no more stress incontinence and better sex!

Doing this for only ten minutes gets the lymph moving through the liver, increases your metabolism, increases muscle tone–all over, even those tiny facial muscles, and will lift  your spirits!  I would do this for 10 minutes on the hour when studying.  I recommend doing 10-20 in the morning and 10-20 when you get home for the day.  I would use this to warm me up and motivate me to go do some real exercise outdoors in the cold rain.  Once my blood was pumping, I was excited to go for a run!

The rebounder I use is Needak.  It folds up and has a carrying case.  Put the trampoline somewhere conspicuous so you will trip over it and be reminded to go BOING BOING BOING!


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