Green Drink: Juice Fast: Clean Cleanse

With a Delicious Green Drink, Cleaning Your Internal House is fast and easy. 

When we allow our body the time and energy to do some self cleaning, we are less likely to build up toxins in the blood which weakens our immunity and leaves us susceptible  to disease.  

This is authentic preventive medicine.

When living a preventive lifestyle, one may still catch a cold or even a flu, but the symptoms and duration are usually much milder and shorter.

If you would like personal guidance in optimizing a cleanse especially for you, contact me. 

This is not medical advice. Please consult with your health care provider or me if you would like to do a cleanse.

Green Drink: Juice Fast: Clean Cleanse

  • Cabbage (green) – 4 oz, Cucumber – 3 oz, Kale – 3oz, Celery – 3 oz, parsley – 2 oz, and mint – 1/2 oz;  1 lemon (juice the whole lemon); dilute by adding 1/3 organic, raw coconut water; and 1/3  spring water. (equal parts juice/coco-water/water). This will provide roughly 3 – 16 0z. glasses of juice. Pour into 3 16 oz. jam jars with lids and refrigerate or put in cooler for travel.

 Drink a glass 3 times a day.

  • If you have never done a cleanse, consider having this juice just for breakfast for a few days to a week.   Later, replacing breakfast and dinner with the juice is a good next step for a day or a few days.
  • Eventually trying a whole day just on the green juice– with romaine lettuce and or celery to chew if need be.  Then you will be ready to take the next steps below.
  1. Drink several 4-6 oz glasses of water between each drink. Add a squeeze of lemon.
  2. Sleep, rest, relax. Mild walks are ok. Sun bathing two times a day for 20 min. 
  3. Rebound 10-15 min a day morning and around 4 pm.  
  4. Continue this for 3-7 days. 
  5. If you would like to do a water only day (s): Reduce green drink by eliminating the coconut water, kale, parsley and mint–leaving only Cabbage, Cuke, lemon and water for ONE day before a water fast. 
  6. Water only days (1 to 3 days): drink water with a splash of lemon often and copiously= 12-16 oz hourly. 
  7. Revert to number #5 when ready to break water fast. Drink for a day. 
  8. Revert to Green Juice again after a #5 day. Stay on this as long as 3-7 days. 

When you are ready to break your juice fast:

MONO FRUIT DAY: Break Fast with mono fruit such as water melon/pear/grape OR Juice whole(even the rind) organic watermelon for breakfast. When having a mono meal of fruit, eat romaine or celery with the meal. If juicing the fruit, eat romaine or celery with it as well.

RAW FOOD DAY: after your Mono Fruit Day: start with fruit for breakfast;  then RAW Foods for Lunch/Dinner:

KEEP IT SIMPLE SALADS: Four to five color salads: Romaine lettuce, avocado, celery, cucumber, beets, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, snap peas, soaked/sprouted nuts and seeds…(eat foods according to your Eat Right For Your BLOOD Type)

BEGIN building your juices with carrot, beet, yellow/zuch squash, potatoes (with peel), greens, herbs, etc. Have a juice at least one time a day.

Keep breakfast simple. Fruit only or soaked, sprouted grains, nuts, seeds. Also just the Green Drink for breakfast a great option.

Eat raw for as long as desired.

Begin incorporating superfoods into smoothies: goji berries, Maca, bee pollen, ginger, cinnamon, cocao, flaxseeds~

When you want add soaked, sprouted, (cooked or not) buckwheat, quinoa, millet or spelt to your meals. Or Soaked, sprouted (cooked or not) Lentils and beans.

Continue with live, raw, whole food cuisine. Begin adding cooked food as you like, Ideally equaling no greater that 50% of your diet: root veggies, winter squash, soups, fermented foods, eggs, yohgurt, fish, meats.

Go lightly on sugar, dairy, coffee, alcohol, breads, meats. Never letting the total of these equal greater than 25% of a meal.


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